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Popular Choice 2019

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Looking back to 2009…

It’s become a tradition that a UCCB concert features a selection from our previous decade, as selected by the band members.  Now is the time that YOU, the 2018 UCCB, gets to select the piece that the 2019 band will perform!

Our 2009 concert was entitled “The Classical Connection”, and featured famous classical pieces (by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, and Faure) with more modern pieces (by Frank Ticheli, Danny Elfman, Morton Gould, and Ennio Morricone).

From our 2009 concert, here are the five selections being considered for the 2019 Popular Choice —
To listen to full-length recordings of UCCB 2009 performing these selections, follow this link.

Egmont Overture, by Ludwig Van Beethoven

The Egmont Overture was written as part of music for a play.  It’s become one of Beethoven’s most famous overtures, opening with powerful chords, and turbulent energy before becoming triumphant at the end.  This is a big 10 minute work, and challenging.

Fortress, by Frank Ticheli

Fortress was originally music that Ticheli wrote for a play called “Don Juan”, but he repurposed the music into this composition for band.  It’s easy to picture an approaching army and the ensuing battle for victory.  It’s approximately 7 minutes long, and at a intermediate high school level of difficulty.  Long time members will remember the famous saying: “Hey! Is that a kittycat? Oh yes, it is a kittycat! Purrrrrr…” — you probably had to be there…

Music for a Darkened Theatre, by Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman’s film and television work has stretched from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure in 1985 to the upcoming Disney production of Dumbo.  Along the way he’s written music for Batman, Spiderman, the Justice League, and the Avengers.  This suite includes music from Tales from the Crypt and Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.  It’s approximately 6 minutes long, at a moderate level of difficulty.

Pavane, by Gabriel Fauré

Written in 1888, this gorgeous melody unwinds effortlessly through the ensemble.  This arrangement by Anne McGinty makes excellent use of the different colours of wind instruments in the concert band.  It’s about 7 minutes long, and requires excellent phrase control and musical support.

Toccata for Band, by Frank Erickson

Erickson’s Toccata is one of the “classics” of band repertoire.  It was also the popular choice from 2009, selected from among our 1999 repertoire.  Is it time for a three-peat?  The rhythmic activity moves through all parts, but it’s playable by most junior level high school groups.  It is about 6 minutes long.


Now that you’ve had a listen to the music, you can cast your vote.  To vote, simply e-mail us at uccb@powergate.ca and indicate your choice.  Voting ballots will also be available as part of the annual end-of-year feedback forms distributed on August 25.

All votes have to be registered by August 28, and the winning selection will be announced at the Famous Music Sorting Party on August 29.  The Popular Choice selection often guides the selection of the rest of the season’s music, so your choice is important!

In keeping with UCCB tradition, the weight of your vote is directly related to your attendance record for this season — people who have been at the most rehearsals will have more say on the music we play next year.