The UCCB plays from a diverse repertoire, from classics to popular.  There’s a little something for everyone!

Season 1: 1992

Ave Verum Corpus, W.A. Mozart
Theme from “Finlandia”, Jean Sibelius
Hogan’s Heroes March
Soul Trumpets
, James Ployhar
Memories of Summer, Wm. Robinson
Andante e Presto, Leland Forsblad
Chinook Wind Rhapsody, David Shaffer

Season 2: 1993

(incomplete listing)
Star Wars Medley
Excerpts from “A Copland Tribute”
, arranged by Clare Grundman
A Time of Kings, John Cacavas
Anthem for Winds and Percussion, Claude T. Smith
Sounds of Sousa, arranged by James Ployhar

Season 3: 1994

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, James Ployhar
Toccata for Band, Frank Erickson
“Wizard of Oz” Fantasy
Farewell to Nova Scotia
The Gallent Men
The Funeral March of a Marionette
The Muppets’ Greatest Hits

Season 4: 1995

Overture to “The Impresario”, W.A. Mozart
Chesford Portrait, James Swearingen
A Tallis Prelude, Douglas Akey
Selections from “West Side Story”, Leonard Bernstein
John Williams in Concert
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Prelude & Fugue in B-flat, J.S. Bach, arranged by R.L. Moehlmann
Tonal Reflections
El Condor Pasa
In All Its Glory
, James Swearingen
Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Foshay Tower Washington Memorial March
, J.P. Sousa

Season 5: 1996

Selections from “Thus Spake Zarathustra”, Richard Strauss
Delmar Celebration, John Edmondson
Greensleeves, arranged by Alfred Reed
Land of the Silver Birch, Donald Coakley
Reflections, James Swearingen
Anthem and Alleluia
Lyric Essay, Donald Coakley
Benediction, Lawrence Weiner
Royal Procession, Elliot Del Borgo
Into the Storm
, Robert W. Smith
Hymn for the Harvest, Andrew Fox
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, W.A. (Wolfgang Amadeus) Mozart, arr. by Paul Jennings
Eine Kleine Rockmusik, W.A.(Wolfbane Armadillo) Mozart, arr. by Paul Jennings

Special thanks to our assistant conductor, Melissa Wilde.

Season 6: 1997

In 1997, the Uxbridge Community Concert Band did not form as a performing ensemble.  Instead, members participated in chamber groups both large and small.  Special thanks to our assistant director, Melissa Wilde.

Sonata pian’e forte, Gabrieli
Christmas Serenade, Johnson
Spanish Dance #4, Moszkowski

Dance and Prayer, Humperdinck
Nuages, Tanner
Trumpet Voluntary, Purcell

Pavane, Susato
Rondo Humoresque
Alleluia, Mozart

Through a Misty Arch, Dorff
Christmas Concerto, Corelli
Tango Baroquita, Carey

Prelude, Bach
Clair de Lune, Debussy
Overture to “The Magic Flute”, Mozart

Blue Danube Waltz, Strauss
Hungarian Dance #5, Brahms
Rock-a-bye, Swing-a-bye Baby, McCall

Season 7: 1998

Invicta, James Swearingen
March of the Mutts, Larry Kerchner
The Twentieth-Century Band, Donald Coakley
March Creole, Stephen Bulla
The Bugler Rocks, James Ployhar
Fanfare and Chorale, Maurice Gardner
Concerto Grosso, Antonio Corelli (arranged by P. Gordon)
Concerto Gross, Hirsch (arranged by James Ployhar)
Pachelbel’s Canon, arranged by Fred Mills (Canadian Brass), adapted for band by Calvin Custer

Season 8: 1999

Royal Lancer, Claude T. Smith
La Virgin de la Macarena, arranged by Calvin Custer
Toccata for Band, Frank Erickson
Joshua, arranged by Andrew Balent
March of the Plastic Soldiers, Hugh Stuart
Scenes from a Royal Tapestry, Stuart Johnson
The Muppet Show Theme, arranged by Frank Cofield
Cantus Tonalis, Leland Forsblad
Air for Band, Lawrence Weiner
Martian Music, Walter Skolnik
Serenade, Timothy Broege
Variations on a Ninth, James Curnow
Westminster Procession, Les Taylor
Pink Panther, Henry Mancini (arranged by Paul Cook)

Special thanks to our assistant conductor, Melanie Maxwell.

Season 9: 2000

Crown Century, David Shaffer
Rainforest Rhapsody, Paul Jennings
A Day at the Zoo, James Curnow
Mars, Gustav Holst (arranged by Andrew Balent)
Rollo Takes A Walk, David Maslanka
Partita II, Robert Washburn
Marche Militaire, Franz Schubert, arranged by Fred Hubbell
Theme from “The Lost World”, John Williams, arranged by John Higgins
Theme from “Schindler’s List”, John Williams, arranged by James Curnow
Hebrides Suite, Clare Grundman
Hansel and Gretel, E. Humperdinck, arranged by Ron Cowherd
Deliberations, Donald Stauffer
Prelude #2, George Gershwin, arranged by Calvin Custer (conducted by Melanie Maxwell)
Our Heritage, Karl King, arranged by James Swearingen

Special thanks to assistant conductors Melanie Maxwell and Judith Rice.

Season 10: 2001

NC-4 March, F.E. Bigelow, arranged by James Ployhar
Passacaglia for Band, Anne McGinty
Chorale a Seria, Leland Forsblad
Precious Lord, Take My Hand, arranged by Robert W. Smith
Prelude and Gloria, J.S. Bach, arranged by Frank Erickson
Invention #1, Joel Blahnik
Pet Parade, John Tatgenhorst
Sunliner March, Eric Osterling
Little “Bop” Ridinghood, Guy Forman, conducted by Melanie Maxwell
Haydn Variations, Johannes Brahms, arranged by John Wasson
Aura Lee, arranged by James Ployhar
Second Suite in F, Gustav Holst
In Praise of Autumn, Quincy Hilliard
Plink, Plank, Plunk!, Leroy Anderson
Semper Fidelis, John Phillip Sousa

Special thanks to assistant conductors Melanie Maxwell and Judith Rice.

Season 11: 2002

A Copland Tribute, arranged by Clare Grundman
The Cutting of the Hay, Percy Grainger, arranged by Brian Wilson
St. Patrick’s Parade, Robert Washburn
Pavane, Maurice Ravel, arranged by Robert W. Smith
Great Movie Marches, arranged by John Moss
Fanfare Prelude on “Finlandia”, Jim Curnow
Suite for Band, James Hook, arranged by William Schaefer
Pachinko, Paul Yoder
Across the Plains, Daniel Chisham
Capriol Suite, Peter Warlock, arranged by Robert Longfield
Dixieland Encore, John Edmondson

Season 12: 2003

Symphonic Overture, Charles Carter
Heathwood, Victor Lopez
Concertino for Clarinet and Band, Frank Bencriscutto (featuring Kari-Lea Wiche, clarinet)
Forgotten Dreams, Leroy Anderson, arranged by John Ford
Serenata, Leroy Anderson, arranged by Jerry Brubaker
Selections from “My Fair Lady”, Frederick Loewe, arranged by R.R. Bennett
New South Wales March, John Edmondson
First Suite in E-flat, Gustav Holst
I’ve Made My Plans For The Summer, John Phillip Sousa (vocal solo by Stephanie Ruttan)
Symphonic Synopsis of “Romeo and Juliet”, P.I. Tchaikovsky, arranged by Bill Holcombe
Green Leaves of Summer, Dmitri Tiomkin, arranged by P.F. Webster
Berceuse and Finale from “The Firebird”, Igor Stravinsky, arranged by Robert Longfield

Season 13: 2004

Hobbits (movement V from Symphony #1, “Lord of the Rings”), Johann de Meij
Train Heading West, Timothy Broege
Prairiesong, Carl Strommen
Beethoven’s Fifth, arranged by Jerry Nowak
Adagio Cantabile, Ludwig van Beethoven, arranged by Harold L. Walters
Sailing Songs, Elliot del Borgo
Petty Harbour Bait Skiff, Jim Duff
Langen Kerls Paradesmarsch, Marc Roland, arranged Harold Gore
A Sousa Collections, arranged by Howard Cable
Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy*, arranged by James Ployhar
The James Bond Theme, Monty Norman, arranged by Victor Lopez
In the Mood, Joe Garland, arranged by Paul Murtha
Baby Elephant Walk, Henry Mancini, arranged by Johnnie Vinson

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 1994.

Season 14: 2005 / “Uxbridge Bicentennial”

Simple Fanfare, Steffan Brunette (premiere)
‘Tis a Gift, Anne McGinty
Selections from “The Phantom of the Opera”, Andrew Lloyd Webber, arr. by Warren Barker
In All Its Glory*, James Swearingen
Our Heritage, Karl King, arranged by James Swearingen
Meyer March, F.R. Kimball, arranged by John Zdechlik
Northern Nocturne, Alfred Reed
Blanche Comme La Neige, Harry Freedman, conducted by Melissa Tipson
Summer Night, Nancy Telfer (premiere)
Chorale and Shaker Dance, John Zdechlik
Reach Out, I’ll Be There, arranged by Ted Ricketts
Oye Como Va, Tito Puente, arranged by Michael Brown
Sock Hop Tonight!, arranged by Paul Murtha

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 1995.

Season 15: 2006 / “Mozart Goes to the Movies”

Also Sprach Zarathustra, “Sunrise”, Richard Strauss, arranged by Robert Longfield
The Movies!, arranged by John Higgins
Into the Storm*, Robert W. Smith
Colonel Bogey, Kenneth Alford, arranged by Glover
Selections from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Klaus Badelt, arranged by Michael Brown
Main Title from “The Incredibles”, Michael Giacchino, arranged by Paul Murtha
The Magic of Mozart, arranged by Ed Huckeby (conducted by Sarah-Lynn Holst)
Eine Kleine Rockmusik, Wolfbane Amadillo Mozart, arranged by Paul Jennings
The Stone Guest, Brian Hogg
Overture to “The Marriage of Figaro”, W.A. Mozart, arranged by Earl Slocum
Selections from “A Hard’s Day Night”, The Beatles, arranged by Michael Sweeney

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 1996.

Season 16: 2007 / “Canada 140”

Fantasy on “O Canada”, William Ballenger
Suite on Canadian Folk Songs, Morley Calvert
Elegie Heroique, Healey Willan
Lyric Essay, Donald Coakley
Three Folk Miniatures, Andre Jutras
Fields of Honour, Bill Mighton
Put Your Hand In The Hand, Gene Maclellan
Ten by One, Irons-Garland
Eagle Pass, Max Williams
Theme from “Hockey Night In Canada”, Dolores Claman, arranged by Howard Cable
O Canada, arranged by Dave Marlatt

Season 17: 2008 / “Song and Dance”

Rikudim, Jan van der Roost
Pachelbel’s Canon*, Johann Pachelbel, arranged by Fred Mills & Calvin Custer
, Robert Washburn
Allerseelen, Richard Strauss, arranged by Albert O. Davis
English Folk Song Suite, Ralph Vaughn Williams
Eternal Flame, Steffan Brunette (premiere)
Three American Dances (movements I & II), Hugh Stuart
Selections from Camelot, Frederick Loewe, arranged by Paul Yoder
Baroque Hoedown, Perry/Kingsley, arranged by Paul Lavender
Jump Jive & Wail, Louis Prima, arranged by Johnnie Vinson
Bring Him Home, Michel Schoenberg, arranged by Michael Brown

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 1998.

Season 18: 2009 / “The Classical Connection”

Toccata in d minor, J.S. Bach, arranged by Eric Leidzen
Toccata for Band*, Frank Erickson
Adagio from the Clarinet Concerto, W.A. Mozart, arr. by Robert Bardeen
(solo clarinet: Jennifer Faric)
Egmont Overture, Ludwig van Beethoven, arranged by Theodore Moses-Tobani
Fortress, Frank Ticheli
Pavane, Gabriel Faure, arranged by Anne McGinty
Pavanne, Morton Gould (solo trumpet: Jordan May)
Duettino: La Ci Darem La Mano, W.A. Mozart, arr. by Geoffery Brand
(trumpet, Krysta Casqunette; baritone, Kevin George)
Music for a Darkened Theatre, Danny Elfman, arranged by Michael Brown
Gabriel’s Oboe, Ennio Morricone, arr. by Robert Longfield
(solo alto saxophone: Shannon Chung)
Toccata, Leon Boellmann, arranged by Larry Daehn

The UCCB Wind Ensemble:
Chaconne from the First Suite in E-flat, Gustav Holst

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 1999.

Season 19: 2010 / “Looking Up”

Onward-Upward March, Edwin Franco Goldman
Danse Celestiale
, Robert Sheldon
Mars*, Gustav Holst, arranged by Andrew Balent
The Red Balloon, Anne McGinty
Music from “Up”, Michael Giachinno, arranged by Michael Brown
Kilimanjaro, Robert Washburn
Rain, arranged by Jack Bullock
Sun Dance, Frank Ticheli
Then I Saw A Lucent Sky, Todd Stadelt
The Ascension, Robert W. Smith
Midnight Star, Thomas Bourgault

The UCCB Wind Ensemble:
Looking Upwards Suite (movements I & II), John Philip Sousa

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 2000.

Season 20: 2011 / “Salute”

Ave Verum Corpus, W.A. Mozart, arranged by Joseph Kreines
Three Chinese Miniatures, Robert Jager
Designs & Variations, Donald Coakley (world premiere)
March of the Belgian Paratroopers, Pierre Leemans, arr. by James Swearingen
Memoriam, Walter Cummings
View from the Bridge, Kristie Hunter (world premiere)
Semper Fidelis*, John Philip Sousa
Olympic Fanfare and Theme, John Williams
Score, Steffan Brunette (world premiere)
Potosi, William Robinson, arr. & conducted by Sarah-Lynn Batten (world premiere)
Royal Air Force March Past, H.W. Davies & G. Dyson

The UCCB Wind Ensemble:
Scramble!, Nigel Hess

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 2001.

Season 21: 2012 / “Lights, Camera, Music!”

The Magnificent Seven, Elmer Bernstein, arranged by Roy Phillippe
Titanic, James Horner, arranged by Calvin Custer
Selections from “Chicago”, John Kander, arranged by Ted Ricketts
O Brother, Where Are Thou?, arranged by Michael Brown
The Dark Knight Suite, Hans Zimmer & James Newton Howard, arr. by Victor Lopez
The Dam Busters, Eric Coates, arranged by Douglas E. Wagner
Andate from the Piano Concerto #21 (“Elvira Madigan”), W.A. Mozart, arr. by S. Brunette
Paper Cut, Alex Shapiro
007: A James Bond Medley, arranged by Marty Gold
Great Movie Marches*, arranged by John Moss

The UCCB Big Band, directed by Ali Ariburnu

Hay Burner, Sammy Nestico
Spain, Chick Corea, arranged by Paul Jennings
Mission: Impossible, Lolas Schifrin, arranged by Roger Holmes

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 2002.

Season 22: 2013 / “The Elements”

Ere the World Began to Be, Jack Stamp
Dancing in the Wind, Yosuke Fukuda
In Heaven’s Air, Samuel Hazo
For the Beauty of the Earth, John Rutter, arr. Dawson
Mazama, Jay Chattaway
“Air” from Water Music, G.F. Handel, arr. Ted Samuels
“La Rejouissance” from Royal Fireworks Music, G.F. Handel, arr. Ted Samuels
New Wade’n Water, Adolphus Hailstork
In a Gentle Rain, Robert W. Smith (flute soloist, Sarah-Lynn Batten)
Ritual Fire Dance, Manuel de Falla, arr. Bram Wiggins
Berceuse & Finale from The Firebird*, Igor Stravinsky, arr. Robert Longfield
Earth Wind & Fire In Concert, arr. Richard Saucedo

The UCCB Big Band, directed by Ali Ariburnu

Baile de los Changos Pelones, Jeff Jarvis

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 2003.

Season 23: 2014 / “Summertime Stories”

Fantasy on Childhood Songs, David W. Moore
Excerpts from Symphony #1: “The Lord of the Rings”*, Johan de Meij / arr. Paul Lavender
Peter and the Wolf, Sergei Prokofiev / arr. James Curnow
Annabel Lee, Douglas E. Wagner
Prehistoric Suite, Paul Jennings
Variations on “Over the Rainbow”, Roy Phillippe
March from “The Great Escape”, Elmer Bernstein / arr. R.W. Smith
Arria, S. Brunette, Arrabi Gugathasan, solo veena
One Day More, Claude-Michel Schonberg / arr. Ted Samuels
Meditation, Elliot Del Borgo
They Came Sailing, André Jutras
You Keep Me Hangin’ On, arr. Ed Hogan* indicates the band’s popular choice from 2004.

Season 24: 2015 / “Music of the Night”

Saturday Night Barn Dance, Michael Vertoske

Fantasy on a Welsh Folksong, Robert E. Foster

Stardance, Michael Sweeney

Shadowplay, Robert Buckley; Miguel Malaco, soprano saxophone soloist

Dusk, Steven Bryant

Danse Macabre, Camille Saint-Saëns, arr. Eric Osterling

Prelude in C# minor, Sergei Rachmaninoff, arr. Robert Longfield

Selections from “The Phantom of the Opera”*, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, arr. Warren Barker

Queen of the Night’s Aria, W.A. Mozart, arr. Geoffrey Brand; Sarah Pollard, flute soloist

Blanche Comme La Neige, Harry Freedman

Nessun Dorma, Giocomo Puccini, arr. Johnnie Vinson

Night in the Tropics, Louis Gottschalk, arr. Mark Williams

* indicates the band’s popular choice from 2005.

Links to concert slideshow videos, courtesy of Ted Samuels.